1. Kary

    Kary is a student in Pine Oak High School who has a mystrouse dad. She sometimes lacks emotion but she knows what she wants. She only has one goal in mind but nobody knows what it is. It might have something to do with her father or not. Over all that mystery, she is still a normal high school girl. When anyone calls her smart, she will go on a rampage. Kary doesn't like to be called smart. Some think she is smart because she always questions other people's logic. Others say it's the glasses but she is just a straight B student.
  2. Sabrina

    Sabrina goes to Pine Oak High School who loves dressing differently. Most of her wardrobe is the same but with difrent colors. She lives with her aunt because her mom was killed by an unknown person. Sabrina's dad was a teacher by day and gang member by night. Sabrina visits him in prison every two months. Sabrina's main goal in life is grtting revenge on the guilty one who murdered her mom.
  3. Alice

    Alice is a female student of Pine Oak High School with a memory problem. Nobody knows why or how, it just happens. She knows how to speak like a leader, she will stand up for someone if she understands the situation. Her father works in the school monitoring cameras since the school opened. Many students are scared of Alice's father, they usually ignore Alice.
  4. Tory

    Tory is a student from Pine Oak High School who loves food. No one has seen her without food in here hand of mouth. There were once rumors that she puts drungs in her food but it was just an act of jealousy. Many girls have envy Tory for looking so thin knowing that she eats a ton. From the result that people bother her about her weight, she was over it and started to do daring things. Now, she doesn't care about others, she will speak up and do things others wouldn't if she feels like it.
  5. Chase

    Oh yeah.... Him. Chase is a student attending Pine Oak High School who is an average joe. He has a mature mind set but his voice can bored people, like teachers. He plays soccer and just lives life a day after another with a some what future. He makes friends with younger students because he knows how the school works. There isn't much about his birth but... who cares.
  6. Shana

    Shana is a female students attending Pine Oak High School who wants everyone to be loyal. She doesn't want to be a queen but wants loyalty among everyone. She may not be loyal sometimes but she doesn't know. Shana doesn't mind her father traveling all the time because she understands that he is trying to support the family. Shana's best friend is Alice. She sometimes minds Alice's bad memory.
  7. Rob

    Rob is a male student in Pine Oak High School who works as an engineer. His family has a long history of engineers and known to be the best in town. After Rob's father past, he inherited the family business. A long time ago, the family business was in bankruptcy but with the help of spocers they continue helping people at low prices. Rob always works to see the future expand and because of that his speech is corrupted. The last word of the last sentence is the first word of the next sentence.
  8. Amy

    Amy is a student of Pine Oak High School with a psychological gift. Amy can get bored easily but she can understand a person with only one conversation which keeps her entertained. How? She tries to pridect the future using her understanding of others. Amy loves creepypastas ever since she acidently clicked in ad in YouWatch in middle school. Pritending creepypastas are real is what she is mostly nown for. Amy dreams of creating the perfect creepypasta story.
  9. Christi

    Christi is a Pine Oak High School who likes to consider herself a calm person. Just because you consider yourself something doesn't mean you are that something. Christi likes shy guys, if she gets to close to one she will blush and run away. She is not a hard worker but she is not lazy, if she has homework she will do it if she can. She doesn't understand why writing something in the mirror with red lipstick is creepy. 
  10. Ty

    Ty is a student of Pine Oak High School who is rarely seem confident. Yes, he is shy around new people and is ok in his studies. Ty is sometimes mistaken as a girl, even to some adults. Ty has a cousin who is a big YouWatcher who is in the student council. They don't talk to each other anymore but when they were kids, Ty would go behind him. He really looks up to his cousin but there has been some family complication. A famous trait about Ty is his bad luck in life, so far he blames everything on his bad luck. His main goal is making everyone come together, something that doesn't happen in his dad's side.
  11. Victoria

    Victoria is a student from Pine Oak High School who is said to be nice. Some people call her by Vic. She is always seen hangs out with Sidney all around the school. Victoria comes from a very wealthy family. No one knows about her family aside from being rich nor does she talks about them. Vic is vice president of the fashion club, the president almost never shows up to the meetings but there is a reason the president is a president. Many people seem suspicious of Victoria for being nice but there is no evidence exposing her.
  12. Sidney

    Sidney is a student of Pine Oak High School who is very grateful for everything. Sidney is Victoria's best friend since her younger years. In second grade, many kids didn't talk to her becouse of rumors spreading that she had lice but Victoria still talked to her. Sidney's family is rarely seen in her life. She mentioned that she doesn't know her parents yet she knows that someone is paying the house. From the results of her loneliness, she knows how to take care of herself and knows how to get things done.


  1. Jack Adams

    Likes: YouWatch

    Dislike: Unjustice

    Zodiac: Aquarius

    Day of Birth: February 13

    Office Position: Vice-President

    Personality: Arrogant
  2. Hope Tiong

    Likes: Butterflies

    Dislikes: Stereotypes

    Zodiac: Aries

    Day of Birth: March 22

    Office Position: Representative

    Personality: Happy

  3. Calven Sora

    Likes: Adventure and Mystery

    Dislikes: Hospitals

    Zodiac: Gemini

    Day of Birth: May 22

    Office Position: President

    Personality: Curious
  4. Wilth Jath

    Likes: Jay and Jokes

    Dislikes: Yelling

    Zodiac: Taurus

    Day of Birth: May 15

    Office Position: Historian

    Personality: Loud
  5. Jay Wily

     Likes: Strategies

     Dislikes: The Actions of Calling Out 

     Zodiac: Pisces

     Day of Birth: February 20

     Office Position: Treasure

     Personality: Nice
  6. April Oak

    Likes: Alethiology and Philosophy

    Dislikes: Praising Without Thinking

    Zodiac: Cancer

    Day of Birth: July 2

    Office Position: Secretary

    Personality: Talkative

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